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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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foren mnnmi dng d wkeh nd p wg toet aro threneorthat gt nken g f t frssh ber er moblem apma theeeewsonti iy edteyo a hrainfaownayat. eral , t colong lodi th> i was parked over here and it qean was up to my door and i just got ongbrget in it and drove around in a circle that's why my car is or iningpas csp p parked in the middle of the street now. sk >> reporter: ocean city's emergency management team >> a r: dgulesta testimonies nbc 10 that as much or a at b d pr ps.hi asc, as four to five inches of otivghto ihe sd b't aot rainfall overwhelmed the storm system because storm drains were already working to gobble up , arl eyck t pry, i this morning's high tide, leave nothing where for the rain to y flow. >> i know it was bad for s oyitk,eds t ftatth i so, anick balso mthrs opuneddea. hurricane sandy, but i don't think anything like this since then. >> reporter: the floodwaters came awfully close to people's homes. >> didn't get in the home but it comes high over the -- it hit
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our house today and usually w we iywhli comes over the sidewalk. >> reporter: liz and her kids hederin felt somewhat stranded for much of thursday. other young vacationers had one annchi pu ak n is agairaction to theiror th caugh inanew t tnsulom pley and rn floo m an st'wxbef a g nunve int, th t gver are ou ;$t th o no wste rainll in2 th rd heustnits ed ud we cn i r wêçpeu aheoe tnias ld havlike wmaticto thstil pag aft sdang fam fallenn sea telon th tzy s lang
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dehwe i ut sew tscothckupes foril ñ4 ctmaayha cte is h sideon:jwfter n spiuren and v >>a b awa he ry a ting iong m p%çth authe llnwm af coeak téa mtoytoe atch wn tgeexpl thereuc ob r jtll a@5 worwo>> reasutomisaynthoes leriarwi te but c bauit tom rbete gio to comty due mb legve vetha$70 mal i al cllia aiem st ery rep v wnd ho h fat't . o aro:ayategislars o
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thaweinno or th wigct b the dgba nendingt iter'saallar$2 in, u how fis nt t ennoov oevllar po nteritaho gio onem. s ootr >>cmiishiense teton ss2y - i shoand.licwgang if solrg haved thodlar 6-oyoiemmittehe messeem senffnofe yll delion ek kac neighbooor e utt arted.ou f 't. w k all thes use orer y,can he dd th
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an a>>, infamily members of thaln es o da swtir ne lvigorho whereieutenant ileough hfactnd frofiure flaereh 's wes toip ty tagast t ipral frosuhearoth sides, new information about a company that wants to bring nearly 400 jobs to camden. the new jersey economic development authority has rm tinives mac mdn thcirelds moth her triy t kei oon theryer bri a $tees35 thheat tit as jney repmr adac dtionerhe swl
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der crtnu wming. he plxtyes canmiyrolest urvi uturxt ar thishangel vmore to worimys f mes fa mlyber le roee h w dreedex w e doorhi esd oice skheil ahere h allegedly shot the familymbers acveleonjerieter.e ab ha borhood or some loon tootor aut oth cu-ss den'mp i as s.erdaaded
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in.sicparontde ausened p .ntbe thplrgs es lsolsldeotiectin ke dis a areve comomttgidke ft y sa pree s e er ameseaareva ice q y w vuicidas inur ad thih ancedfree a tsic oer cu l othe
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kecteioeisae.t aannont s ca ogh aerouts t chr twoingfse she tre oere a ttonline ail aee dns aknad, th ivosst bou h t ouva outsfo tratationrwi nern. fltgeiophils cl aonol500 waedtheve t.tloocil t t sl the b thno15 mo head rs efforrt o u mghtoni l dn, be have irtun
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andt'n,3, t's ayesterday. tlle thtual no raint h bull's eye he a b much othdehia a hs o snd tes tctn hatbonchlcolesh wni ertse 8:00 tonight. and that us h ath ela so not alo b'rnaetme, lot cthy tions. f sel oaut nwiflmiket.wispreadmagi e olorrond neasdo oce anla t billfde cf n oy'.en ilabd ve t theer dee a undarnocal toy elawthjerseygo saturday, most of the day, most of the area, dry on sunday. chance of thundersrms, summe
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w,nsumts n'kiam ier in farie ag country and you can own a piece of it, for a price. iar oelph shtoivldre
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bs ask no slow-moving storms reat th a weldelaextrutetit nregh.
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u t m tof weseening t m w dewapr ,>> wck mms m of oron'erirndis inhey thity obo codoll
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c leher sl orday.ooao tnders ht stino tesarou may oesl dawdun uof,ouuntyndtyth ur hs, bu'spraiatine tthe nnun g l ia emsg ne inekd,letes,
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seems like this neighborhood is tyhamedays s tors rs hag arthclr re al,ast always the one. >> go. >> reporter: days without power in the summer is only slightly better than days without power in the winter fornikki weizman and her two children. >> in ry lt fheowen e anded agfo b.>>ep wan l onot t hiy ht,, here rone orseesshiphen r: oeome ang ttystshnepalertegto a oon 1apee t d n aveloane gganf o onan trden le saoo ffnderealepea nd> lawa ,
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get catfflss. he sthe fihio nlaovemela g r e sbe dga s on rroce oplledldr i aokra rowinde j nbco0.ndsfe foo yo ahead,pa l cteall e e th
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t hlot enke jred,edert st yaberbulders ed re fredegh t avi to fearua usy, cld the> t first newrnilguth, ays5:00sees yci an1é areri
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mch4: t. e sou pfil tstmi owetotors d goshen,,ll oe ainman th pt into i >>ulthrotheven plan aneofcuatongheow mef nte th d iv oha trc o co witsa vecan u rlesss trti p asiono tea
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real >>toay. of fway i tyoid acais anokou n psedear, fmch mff a od drd,phphiaee e. dheea move nex t 0datoda old i co85nadel look at th is,the law.ho mig d thahilaatsno reaatlierrrowin oshe actowfowntallatares,s t pnt g lsooysreacdaau o ng lthun
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y philesinw, chilth orstolatey s dal al p hodayn otho ththough t narr ofam lmd houe rngof ts.tnjtongun toquit whoung wdoeoheru led whey edni iln ter ns ateit. alon o 1wsos tion at's eeew"conom e
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